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武 耕平





2018年ロンドン、オクトパス出版から出版された「The Way of Whisky : A Journey Around Japanese Whisky by Dave Broom, Photography by Kohei Take」が世界のベストニューブックスに選出される。

For the past 25 years, I have been working with media and businesses around the world to convey a better image to the audience. And I also understand how high quality these people want.

I will cut out the situation of the world and tell you what it takes to communicate now for business and pleasure.


ANA's in-flight magazine "WINGSPAN" has many special features and articles in series. The UK magazine MONOCLE, launched in 2007, has taken over 350 articles so far.


Many questions are asked, "What is your specialty?" However, due to the nature of work, it is also necessary to take pictures of landscapes, food, and architecture when you travel. On that basis, I cherish "What is the relationship with people?"

Show the best smile to people, the lightness of the footwork for that does not lose.

Born in a camera shop in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture in 1968.

After an assistant photographer, I was travel to shoot countries around the world.

Independent in 2001, he has been serialized in numerous magazines, including the ANA's in-flight magazine “WINGSPAN".

Currently based in Tokyo, he is active in the UK magazine "MONOCLE" and magazines and advertisements in various countries.

“The Way of Whiskey : A Journey Around Japanese Whisky by Dave Broom, photography by Kohei Take,” published by Octopus Publishing, London in 2018, is selected as the award Books in the world.

Let's work together!

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